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"Positive Singles" is a scam?

I saw your website and wanted to inform you of an internet scam you may not have heard of.
I was a member of a 'niche' dating site for people with STD's called Positive Singles, whose parent company is Successful Match .com.  They charge $96 for a six month membership.  The scam part is this:
When you post a profile on their site with your picture and other relevant data that you would put into a dating site profile, that information is instantly disseminated across the internet under a variety of other website names, some of which are gay themed, kink themed, race themed, religion themed, etc.
No distinction is made whether anything in your profile information corresponds to any site that you are placed on, to the degree that a site named HIVGAYMEN.COM is populated by approximately 45% women.
They use the same database of people to populate hundreds of internet websites, and a list of the sites your profile appears on is never offered or made available to you as a member.  This "site sharing" program is vaguely hinted at in the terms of service agreement, but the entire scope and detail of it is never made available to anyone.
I know this sounds incredible, but it is very real.  There is currently a class action lawsuit against the owners of these sites, you can check it out here:
The ironic part of this scam is, let's say you are an HIV positive gay man.  You come across the website HIVGAYMEN.COM and you decide to sign up for it, thinking it will be populated with others who either match your situation or are open to your situation.  Then you log in and begin searching for people and discover the truth....that out of the thousands of available profiles in your state or area, relatively few of them conform to your situation.
I hope you will post this information on your site, but I must ask that if you do, you must agree to not reveal my email or identity to anyone!  The last thing I need is some lawyer trying to sue me over this.
Thanks for having a website like the one you have, it really helps the public and I greatly appreciate it.

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