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Romance Scammer in Malaysia: Iryn Wee

Hi, my name is Matt Scott.  Over 5 years ago I thought I had developed a relationship with a young woman in (what I believe to be) Malaysia.  She goes by the name Iryn Wee ( is the last email I have for her).  To make a long story short, eventually she told me she wanted to be with me but that she couldn't afford the plane ticket to get to me.  I sent her the money for the plane ticket via Western Union, and then called her on the phone.  She was then very rude on the phone and even said "Well what are you gonna do about it?  Huh?".  I saw her numerous time on her web cam, live, so I know it really is a young woman (and like I said, I talked to her too).  She has had at least one picture attached to her Yahoo profile, and it really was her.  It's now at least 5 years later, and she hasn't paid me back one dime.  I've been in occasional contact with her, reminding her she owes me the money.  See what she sent me below for how she had promised to pay it back.  As of the past 3 months, she has stopped even talking to me in email.  I want my money back. 


Thursday, July 31, 2008 1:05 AM

Dearest Matt,

  For as much as i want to send you the payment very soon i am still struggling. i know i can pay you . just give me more time. i am trying hard to keep up with all our necesities here and also saving up to pay you up.i know you can understand, its just that you are afraid that i might not pay you. Matt, i gave you my word and i will make it up to pay for you . just be patient Matt. I know you have lots of patience and i ignored those last time. Matt, in every work i do and all my daily life that i am facing i am praying that someday no matter what things will work out for us. I really am in love with you until now. thats why i am working so hard to be able to save and pay you. i hope you still can wait.. thanks for understanding.. take care ...



Thursday, July 31, 2008 12:57 AM

ill email you when i will send it.. i will not run from this debt that i have.. i know you need it im doing everything that i can.. please bear with me.. i wont run matt

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