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Another Scam: from Asia Pacific Courier

courierpic5.gif (6824 

Welcome To Asia Pacific Delivery  
Dispatch Agency  
Brews House,Jalan Ampang
60001 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

To whom it may concern,  

Attn: Nicholas Burt Edwards,
Welcome to asia pacific courier.  We just received confirmation that you have been officially cleared for payment by the Verifications Dept with SECURED DELIVERY #:  HNP/4128, at the headquarters of the Toto promo center.    
Your prize amount of Seven Hundred & fifty  thousand british pounds
 which is equivalent to $ 1,211,111.80 USD  (  One million Two hundred and eleven thousand One hundred and eleven Dollars, Eighty cents ) and Letter of Affidavit for Claims from the malaysia government, stating that the money was obtained legally through the Toto  Promotion will be sent to you via secured delivery post as soon as you meet with the below delivery terms and conditions.  

1) You are to provide us with your full residential Address for confirmation before delivery.
2) You will be required to show the delivery officer any form of valid identification such as  Driver's license, International Passport e.t.c before your parcel and related documents can be  handed over to you.
3) Due to the fact that there has to be extra safety measures taken when delivering your prize, we cannot use the normal postage. Herewith outlined below is our current  handling rates. we advise you opt for the most convenient delivery option.
PREMIUM DELIVERY(2 working days)

Mailing &n bsp;......................USD 410.15
Insurance.............................USD 140.10
Admin Charges TOTAL.............USD 550.25   

CLASSIC DELIVERY(6 working days)

Mailing &n bsp;......................USD 210.15
Insurance.............................USD 140.10
Admin Charges TOTAL.............USD 350.25   
Do select a convenient delivery option and keep us posted accordingly. Make refrence to the outlined details for payment:  
Send your payment with your correct delivery address to:
Asia Pacific Courier Service.
Mode of payment : Western Union Money Transfer 
Payment Receiver: (Accountant)     Chris Payne 
RECEIVERS ADDRESS:                     203 Brews House,Jalan Ampang,
                                                       60001 Kuala Lumpur,
Complete outlined information after payment for confirmation with our account's department before delivery today.  

(1) Mtcn Number:  
(2) Senders First Name:  
(3) Senders Last Name:  
(4) Amount Sent:
Asia Pacific Courier  
Mr. Erick Moore
Manager Of Funds
Phone: +60142390641
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