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Another Scam: from Ms. (Dr.) Naureen Puteh

The below is from 2010... I became of victim of a nasty game played by so called Dr. Puteh, again a fraudster, swindler on the net, educated /half beggar, I lost approximately  USD 2000  SENT TO the account number in India, for clearance of  customs fees for the courier parcel sent for me, which was false and I became a stupid victim to the dirty game plan played by this women with a gang of swindlers, I can produce evidence that the INR  was remitted to the designated account  in two different occassions in 2010. 

Dear Amol,
I am elated to receive your affectionate answer to my questions and I thank you so much for your nice passionate letter, in fact I felt immense pleasure while reading your mail. I also thank you very much for letting me know more about you and your family. With your nice passionate letter that made know more about you, I really appreciated them very much.
Also I thank God Almighty that I have found a friend like you, and by requesting / accepting the responsibility of being your friend, I promise to be honest and trustworthy. I will try to work out any differences or conflicts that we may have and will try to put the time and effort into our friendship that it requires. I know we both have family and personal obligations, and we will respect each other’s relationships and commitments, but I will also be committed to this friendship. I will try to only give advice if it’s asked and I will also try to be your friend unconditionally. I will keep your confidences. However, I will also share with you if it is my policy to never keep anything from my spouse or any other primary relationship, with whom I entrust all my secrets. I will try to remember your birthday and be there for you when times are tough and when times are grand. Making time to talk, communicate by mail or e-mail, or getting together is a priority. I will celebrate your achievements even though I know a tiny bit of envy or competitiveness is normal. I will bring fun and joy to your life as much as I am able to as I cherish our present and future friendship.
However as per the very important issues that I promised in my previous message to share with you, I will be going on premature retirement before end of this year 2010 because I have by the Grace of God already achieved what I never thought I can achieve in my life as a woman. Therefore I have now decide to build a small Private Clinic that will also contain my residential apartment at any good location in your Country provided the area is not too outskirt. Although my initial desire and passion is to establish a standard Private Clinic but what it takes to establish such standard Private Clinic is not what I am capable to do for now, not only because of the ethic procedures which I am going to pass through before the establishment of a well standard Private Clinic can be accomplished but also because of the financial backup which a well standard Private Clinic will require before it can be setup to its standard, and this is the reason why I have decided to establish just a small Private Clinic that will provides primary health care and services for in an outpatients suffering from acute or chronic pain and to also make referrals to medical specialists when necessary, as this is within my capability that I can afford to build by the special Grace of God.
Although it is not really my wish to take the said premature retirement so early, rather I am still very much willing to continue my job for another 6-9 Months and take this project in hand side by side if I can get a very reliable person to represent my interest with trustfulness and faithfulness since the project will may take 12 -18 months before completion while I shall just be taking care of the financial aspect and the Government formalities. Hence it is now imperative for me to have a reliable friend in your Country who can be my reliable guidance / my representative on the area where my physical appearances may be needed there in your Country. In short there are many areas where I feel a man physical assistance will be needed by me; although this has to be done little by little but at the same time I still have to start my early inquiries on what it will really takes / requires in establishing a small Private Clinic in your Country. 
But since the first and foremost priority is the landed property where the said small Private Clinic will be erected, hence I will like to first of all know how much a plot of land will cost in your area because I will need at least three (3) plots of lands for this project as I want this said clinic to also contain my residential apartment inside. Although I don’t know the measurement of a plot of land in your Country, compare to here in England where we do get the measurement of a plot of land on 60ft by 120ft measurement, while the location of land in any Country will still determines the value of the land, likewise as it is also here in England. I will also like to know what it will takes to get Government Permit License for the small Private Clinic in your Country in spite the fact that I have already procured and got my International Nursing License Certificate that will back up whatever Certificate which will be needed by me to establish a small Private Clinic in your Country.
Note that I am very much aware that to also establish small Private Clinic in your Country or even in UK here is not going to be an easy task due to its long way procedures which someone must pass-through before the establishment of the said small Private Clinic can be actualized as I will definitely need to procure some Government Permit Certifications from the concerned Government agency in your Country before I can commence the building development of my propose small Private Clinic. So to first of all look for the land at any good location is going to be the first assistance that I will want you to render for me as I will like to know the area location where you will get land for me first, before I can be able to know if the establishment of the said Private Clinic is going to take place there or not. I really have to know the location area of the land and also what it will cost me to get the land before I can make my final decision on when and how to commence the establishment process of my propose small Private Clinic that will also contained my residential apartment.
Although I cannot dictate or make any area compulsory for you to assist me, rather I can only seek your assistance on the only area where you have power to help, while all the needful information and its procedure has to be done by me one after the other and also step by step. Actually as it is very important for us to first meet so that we can have personal meeting / personal discussion regarding my propose small Private Clinic, thus I shall come over to meet with you for better discussion / arrangement on my propose small Private Clinic project as soon as I receive some vital and needful guidelines from you, hence I will have to receive the said vital guidelines from you first especially about the land issue so that I will be able know in advance what precisely I will prepare myself on whenever I want to come over to your Country.
Therefore before you can commence any tentative assessment or preliminary observation and survey on my behalf concerning this propose small Private Clinic which I am planning to establish in your Country, I will like to first of all send to you by courier the copy of the architectural building drawing plans for my propose small Private Clinic that I have already procured, so that you will be able to physically show the image of the said architectural building drawing plan to any professional architect over there in your Country to enable him or her to have look on it in order to enlighten us on how many plot of land that will be required for the already procured architectural building drawing plan for my propose small Private Clinic, this which I shall courier to you as soon as I received your assurance that you will be a reliable friend to me who will also be my guidance towards my propose Private Clinic  in your Country. I hope you will not find me as a liability friend to you based on the aforementioned strenuous enquiries which I will want you to make on my behalf in your Country, as I believe that a real friend is never to be a liability friend; a real friend is the one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out on us. So whatever I can do, I will do it for my real friend.
More importantly, in view of the fact that I will be leaving to offshore in the next five days while it will be until after three weeks before I can have time again to discuss or do anything about this particular issue since we are working consecutively for three weeks a month in the offshore and then take a week off days outside offshore. Hence I will like to receive your swift response by assuring me that you will help me make the aforementioned enquiries so that I can send to you the said architectural building plan for my propose small Private Clinic before I will go back to the offshore in the next five days in order for me to receive the appropriate details update from you as soon as I returned back from the offshore after next three weeks.
Finally it should be noted that whatever little physical assistance you will be able to render for me on this my proposal can never be in vain, as I will surely appreciate your assistance very much by compensating you handsomely if that is what it will takes me to get your God-loving assistance, since appreciation is a wonderful thing that makes what is excellent in others to belong to us as well, while the aim of life is appreciation as there is no sense in not appreciating things; so also there is no sense in having more of them if we have less appreciation of them. Therefore we have to be grateful to the people who make us happy because they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

Meanwhile find attached are some of my pictures, so you should as well send some of your own pictures to me too in order to know ourselves better.
So until then when I shall hear promptly and positively from you
Truly yours friend forever
Ms. (Dr.) Naureen Puteh

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