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AnotheR Sacasm: froim, and I will tell you the details.

I don’t know from where I will start my history but I want to beg you with the powerful name of Almighty Allah that if you don’t have interest in my problem please don’t expose me or report this my message to anyone in life. I beg you with everything you have in life not to expose this secret.

My name is Salam Abubakar, Am 62year old and am a senior director under U.N. I have worked in almost 6 countries before I transferred down here, and this is my 29years service with U.N.I.C.E.F.

As am writing you know am in sadness and crying. I have a good salary in my work and am the only one who sign and approved any contract coming from America, U.K, Swiss, German and other Europe country to all Africa continent. Last 15months, there is a help from World Bank and I.M.F to all Africa Continent children to save them from Polio and Malaria parasite. This contract comes to me and as we normally do this we called on the contractors to execute this contract regionally.

That faithful day there was a SYRIA friend of mine that came to visit me because we have know each other for long. He came to my office when i am finding the Contractor Executor file and we make a chat and then he told me he have almost 1.5million US dollar he wanted to invest here in this country and that he want to marry someone here now and settle down as a family man. I tell him it’s a nice idea then I don’t know what comes over me and I tell him this contract, then he advice me that we can execute this contract with his money and later we share the profit. He have 1.5million US dollar with him and I too I worth 3.5million us dollar. So I accept this proposal and enter him as the Contractor. We start this contract but before we finish this contract the money is not enough so I hold a payment of another contractor worth 850.000usdollar and I take another loan of 150.000dollars from bank to finish this contract.

The contract finish perfectly and this contract am talking about is 19million Euro. Now its remain the payment from here to my friends account, Now my friend advice me to let us use his account in SYRIA and I accept, our agreements is when the money transfer there I will go and meet him in Damascus and collect my large percentage. He now move to SYRIA the second day he enter  Damascus  the crisis started. All my hope is that he will escape down to Jordan or Turkey or back here until I found out from the rescue team in SYRIA that identifies that he was dead by the crisis.

Now my problems start.
1. I don’t let anyone in my office to know I do this such business with this my late friend.
2. I hold someone 850.000 dollar to finish this contract and the person now has been writing a petition letter to Head office in U.S.A
3. Its not possible for me to withdraw this money because I can only approved the payment but I cant withdraw by myself. Someone must be presented as my late friend.
4. Everything I have worked for in my life have been in this contract, all my house from everywhere I used it to take loan because of this contract and also if I don’t find a solution the person I hold his money will tarnished my image and run my life for ever.

Now I don’t know what to do I think all over and I make a prayer to almighty Allah to help me to find someone who is trust worthy who will help me to claim this money as my late friend. If you accept I want to promise you three things.
Firstly I will give you 30percent out of this money. Secondly no any problem or any risk at all and no any future problem at all I guarantee you this things. Only what I need from you is your trust and confidence in me and secret.
If you have interest contact me on this my private email and I will tell you the details.

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