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Royal Bank of Scotland - Scam

Dear Mr. Hutton:

I got the following  info from the Web site of the Royal Bank of Scotland (how to deal with scam).
Describe how the scam worked (what happened exactly) and we will try :
a. To locate the scam artists.
b. Work with law enforcement to expedite prosecution.
c. Help you get some or all of your money back.

Here is how it happened.
1. Sometime in September 2012, I received an email from the Group Secretary of RBS that I could possibly be the only
    surviving nearest of kin of my cousin Engr. Dennis Barraca Oleg who died intestate leaving a deposit of 7.5 million GBR.
    She required me to submit several papers to file my claim which I submitted. I was informed later that my claim was
    in order,and that RBS approved of me as the beneficiary(please read all the attachments to this email).

2. The RBS then required me  to pay the activation fee as well as the Cost of Money Transfer(COT).After paying these, the
    RBS sent three remittances to my designated banks,each with a value of 2.5 million GBR.I did not receive these
    remittances because the TAX Dept stopped it for failure to pay for the tax clearance which was 7,500 GBR. At this time
    I was frank to ask them whether they were scamming me.They assured me that I was not being scammed by sending
    a scanned copy of the PROOF OF FUNDS (see attachments).

3. Up to this time, I could not pay the tax clearance because I don't have  the amount and that I was still doubting that I was
    being scammed.

    Perhaps the best way is for me to go to London, have the money transferred to my name,and then pay the tax clearance.
    They did not object to my plan, so perhaps, the INHERITANCE MONEY IS REAL. Nevertheless, please examine the
    documents. If it is not real, I will not be wasting my money by going to London.If it is real, then it is worth the effort to go
    personally to RBS,London to claim this money.   

PLEASE HELP ME SOLVE THIS PROBLEM. There are 8 scanned documents but I can send only one at at time.

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