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Scam Report: "Ride2Freedom"

I was scammed by a so called christian organazation out of Louisana with a so called office in floridia. I cant seem to get any help from anyone, I have reported it to the federal authorities and the news stations in both both states as well as the attorney general in both states. The organazation is called ride2freedom. It s run by a church out of Hammond, La with a office in Florida. Here is my story:

This company is a total ripoff. They take a application fee of $41 upfront and promises to help put low income people into cars. I paid a 233.00 so call contiact fee to this company and never received a car. I am now in the process of trying to get my money back after so many false promises. After googleing the vin number of the vehicle that I was suppose to receive, I came upon information that the truck was a salvaged vehicle. I got email form a so called finance dept promising delivery of a vehicle with no contact info other than a email. I took company officials 4 days to contact me concerning non-delivery of the vehicle. Now Chris Malachi is saying that it will take up to 14 days for my money to be put back on my card. I use to work at a bank and I know that once a refund is processed by the company, the refund is usually back in the bank within 3-5 days.They cant give any references to verify a delivery of a vehicle, the have a so called finance company with no contact info other than a email. Chris Malachi is a liar because she told me that they were using a finance company from Illinois but an inside source verified that was not true and also told me that no one has actually received a car form this company. they have changed the application fee four times from $25 to $100. I have emailed the paster roie or rosa Duncan and I have not received a reply concerning my refund. According to Chris Malachi (which i believe is a alias) the founder of the program my refund was processed on 05//31/2013. She has given me the run around.
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