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Scam: from Agent Jason Gale, Regional Deputy Director, Intelligence Field Unit

Attention: Beneficiary,
I am Special Agent Jason Gale from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Intelligence Unit, we Intercepted two consignment boxes at JFK Airport, New York, the boxes were scanned but found out that it contained large sum of money ($4.1 million) and also some backup documents which bears your name as the Beneficiary/Receiver of the money, Investigation carried out on the diplomat that accompanied the boxes into the United States, said that he was to deliver the fund to your residence as overdue payment owed to you by the Federal Republic of Nigeria through the security company in the United Kingdom.
Meanwhile, we cross check all legal documents in the boxes but we found out that your consignment was lacking an important document and we cannot release the boxes to the diplomat until the document is found, right now we have no other choice than to confiscate your consignment.
According to Internal Revenue Code (IRC) in Title 26 also contain reporting requirement on a Form 8300, Report of Cash Payment Over $10,000 Received in a Trade or Business, money laundering activity may violate 18 USC §1956, 18 USC 1957, 18 USC 1960, and provision of Title 31, and 26 USC 6050I of the United States Code (USC), this section will discuss only those money laundering and currency violation under the jurisdiction of IRS, your consignment lacks proof of ownership certificate from the joint team of IRS and IRC, therefore you need to reply back immediately for direction on how to procure this certificate to enable us relieved the charge of evading the law on you, which is a punishable offense in the United States.
You are required to reply back within 72hours or you will be prosecuted in a court of law for money laundering, also you are instructed to desist from further contact with any bank(s) or person(s) in Nigeria or the United kingdom or any part of the world regarding your payment because your consignment has been confiscated by the Federal Bureau here in the United States.
Yours In Service,
Agent Jason Gale
Regional Deputy Director
Intelligence Field Unit

Yahoo Email Scam


Dear User
We noticed your Account was Accessed from an unusual Location,
And we noticed some Inllegal and spam activities perfomed with it.

For safety reason we have Placed Your Account under monitiring.
And your account will be Terminated in the next 24 hour, else your Re-verify Your account, and help control spam and fraud activites.
Click here to Re-verify Free
Thank you,

Yahoo! Mail Team
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Is NSA Watching You?

Hello Mark

I have received a calendar entry from this Sido guy.He actually published onto my google business calendar although he is not in or part of my contact list as a person.Google is setup that only people who are actually registered as a contact can do such postings.This mean that it is an inside job either from Google themselves or someone at the NSA or some other intelligence agency.
He was so stupid as to mass mail the invite.

Do you know of a person or agency I can turn to and is also will to pay 50% total costs to get hold of the roots of the stopping clock.
What is the chances of getting hold of this person?

===Here an insert ==============================
From Mr Ebrahim Sido 
African Development Bank (ADB) Ouagadougou Burkina Faso 
My Dear friend, 
I am Mr Ebrahim Sido a director in African Development Bank (ADB) Ouagadougou Burkina Faso, I got your email information through the Burkina's Chamber of Commerce and industry on foreign business relations here in Ouagadougou Burkina Faso I haven't  disclose this deal to anybody. 


Email Scam: from Barrister Willie S. Larry

I am Barrister Willie S Larry A legal Representative both local and internationally, Due to my busy schedule, I asked my Personal Assistant to send this letter to you; while she was in a trip to Europe. I am contacting you; regarding the estate of a deceased Client Mr Hughes Okkas, an Estonian property magnate who died alongside his immediate family in the year 2004, in a mysterious road accident.
Before his death, he deposited the sum of $10,000, 000, 00. {Ten million United States dollars placed under Bank Management here in SA. The institution being aware of his death have mandated me to present a member  of his family (heir/inheritor) or Next of kin to make claims of his funds with bank otherwise, it will be forfeited, seized or confiscated by the authorities and reverts to the treasury of the SOUTH AFRICA  Ministry as unclaimed. This is because in accordance with the South Africa fiscal and monetary policy, such fortune is automatically bequeathed to the government if there is no heir or Next of kin to the deceased that would surface to claim the fortune within the specified time. However, this law is unjust and inhuman as it often creates an avenue for the top officials of some financial institute to divert such fortunes for their own selfish use. On that ground, I decided to search for a reliable person who will help me put claim to the funds as he did not declare officially
I know you might not be related but after countless efforts to locate direct relatives to my late client and a Three months final notice from the Bank to present a beneficiary to the fund and failure to meet up with this deadline means the fund will be liquidate to the Bureau as unclaimed fund, that I forbid happening. Against this backdrop, I decided to contacted you to join me put claim on this deposit before it is forfeited to the authorities. My suggestion to you is I would like to present you as the Next of kin and beneficiary to this deposit, since you are both foreign nationals by virtue of my position as a financial consultant, I will now place your name as the Next of kin/Beneficiary to my late client and I will prepare the relevant legal document that will assist to facilitate the release of the funds to you, without any breach of law.
Note, I have worked out all modalities to complete the transaction successfully and be rest assured that this transaction is 100% legal and risk free. Once the vault is released to you, we shall share in the ratio of 50% for me and 45% for you; while the remaining 5% will be set aside for any expenses incurred during the cause of securing this deposit. Please if you are interested in getting on with this project, it will be highly appreciated if you get back to me let me explain to you the custom and structures designed towards the possibility of this fair deal.
Yours Sincerely,
Barrister Willie S Larry