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Email Scam: Timothy F. George

Good day,

I am Timothy F. George, the Director for Credit & Marketing Chong Hing Bank, Hong Kong, Chong Hing Bank Centre, 24 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong. Due to my busy schedule, I asked my Personal Assistant to send this letter to you; while she was on a Business trip to Europe. I am contacting you regarding the estate of a deceased Client Mr Hughes Okkas, an Estonian property magnate who died alongside his immediate family in the year 2004 in a mysterious road accident.

Before his death, he deposited the sum of $38,980,369.00 (Thirty Eight Million, Nine Hundred and Eighty Thousand, Three Hundred and Sixty Nine USD) placed under our Bank Management. The institution being aware of his death have mandated me to present a member  of his family (heir/inheritor) or Next of kin to make claims of this funds with our bank otherwise it will be forfeited, seized or confiscated by the authorities and reverts to the treasury of the Hong Kong Ministry as unclaimed. This is because in accordance with the Hong Kong law, such fortune is automatically bequeathed to the government if there is no heir or Next of kin to the deceased that would come up to claim the fortune within the specified time. However, this law is unjust and inhuman as it often creates an avenue for the top officials of some financial institute to divert such fortunes for their own use. On that ground, I decided to search for a reliable person who will help me put claim to the funds as he did not declare officially any Next of kin or beneficiary.

I know you might not be related but after countless efforts to locate direct relatives of my late client and a Three months final notice from the Bank to present a beneficiary to the fund and failure to meet up with this deadline means the fund will be liquidate to the Bureau as unclaimed, that I forbid happening. Against this backdrop, I decided to contact you to join me put claim on this deposit before it is forfeited to the authorities. My suggestion to you is I would want to present you as the Next of kin and beneficiary to this deposit, since you are both foreign nationals by virtue of my position as the Director for Credit & Marketing, I will now place your name as the Next of kin/Beneficiary of my late client and I will prepare the relevant legal document that will assist to facilitate the release of the funds to you, without any breach of law.

Note that I have worked out all modalities to complete the transaction successfully and be rest assured that this transaction is 100% legal and risk free. Once the vault is released to you, we shall share in the ratio of 50% for me and 45% for you; while the remaining 5% will be set aside for any expenses incurred during the cause of securing this deposit. Please if you are interested in getting on with this project, it will be highly appreciated if you get back to me through the contact details above or my private email: so that I can explain to you the custom and structures designed towards the possibility of this fair deal.

Yours Sincerely,
Timothy F. George


Email Scam: Mrs Heidi Hadizan Mariam

Dear Elect

I am happy to know you, but God knows you better and he knows why he has directed me to you at this point, so do not be afraid. I saw your e-mail contact at ministries of commerce and foreign trade departments. I am writing this mail to you with heavy sorrow in my heart, my name is Mrs  Heidi Hadizan Mariam  And am contacting you because i don’t have any other option than to tell you as I was touched to open up to you, I am married to Mr Heidi salf al-islam who died as the result of war in Libya moved some money out through diplomatic security means as a consignment and deposited it in a Security Company in Burkina Faso, where they were registered as personal effects. Consignments with the sum of (USD $10.5, Million Dollars).My late husband deposited the Fund in Burkina Faso since 1998 please i want you to use this opportunity and claim it I have all the useful information and the deposit certificate with me here. we were married for eleven years
without a child.

Since his death i decided not to remarry again, when my late husband was alive he deposited the sum of (USD $10.5, Million Dollars) in a Security Company in Burkina Faso the capital city of Ouagadougou in Africa presently this money is still in Company. He made this money available for exportation of gold from Burkina Faso mining.Recently, my doctor told me that i would not last for the period of seven months due to cancer problem. Whoever that wants to serve God must serve him in spirit and truth because God is the most high; please always be prayerful all through your life.The one that disturbs me most is my cancer sickness. Having known my condition i decided to hand you over this money and the gold to take care of the less-privileged people, you will utilize this money the way i am going to instruct herein. i want you to take 40 percent of the total money for your personal use while 60% of the money will go to charity" people in the street and
helping the orphanage.

I don't have any child that will inherit this money and my husband relatives are not good not even good at all because they are the one that responsible for the death of my late husband in other to have all my late husband properties and i don't want my husband's efforts to be used by those that conspired for his death. i grew up as an orphan and i don't have anybody as my family member, just to endeavour that the name of God is maintained... I'm doing this so that God will forgive my sins and accept my soul because this sickness has suffered me so much.As soon as i receive your reply i shall give you the contact of the Security Company in Burkina Faso and i will send authority letter that will prove you the present beneficiary of the money that is if you assure me that you will act accordingly as i stated herein.Also i want you to go to the Company manager one on one to meet them for the claim because i don’t need any delay; if you are ready to claim
the fund i need you to go and see with your eyes. Hoping to receive your reply.

Mrs  Heidi Hadizan Mariam.


Email Scam from Mrs. Scot Grey

Dear Friend,

I have to thank God this moment for his direction as regards this mission. God want me to complete this mission hence, I got your contact.I know you maybe wondering how I got your contact email.

Actually when I heard from the doctor that my condition has become so critical, I had to reach out to a Christian Sister, who assisted me in searching for your contact in order to help me utilize this wealth the way I am going to instruct herein, and even the sister that helped me in this regard doesn't know the purpose for which I intend to contact you. I have prayed about it and it has been revealed to me that you can make judicious use of the resources for its intended purpose.

I am currently sending you this mail from my sick bed in the hospital.My husband earned these funds (10,800,000.00 USD) but he died in a plane crash and left everything behind for me and I will join him soon due to my ill health. Due to my infertility resulting from medical problems I became barren. God has a reason for everything. I would want you to contact my lawyer; he will inform you on what to do.Contact him with the below details:

Barrister Peter Clark

Ensure to use a greater portion of the funds for its purpose in fulfillment of my last wish. 

You are Blessed.

Mrs. Scot Grey  


Scam from: Wale Davis []

Thanks for  your prompt attentions.

I however, apologize for my interference into your privacy as this was done out of my desire to locate a sincere and trustworthy individual who can guarantee the confidence needed in this matter and with due respect and honor.
As the content of your mail reads, note that all I want from you is to stand as a next of kin and beneficiary to the unclaimed estate of my deceased client.

The next of kinship as stated by the inheritance law, is not limited to relations of the deceased nor is it confided to the circuit of parental relationship, rather it is by choice of the benefactor as regards to whom he wish to will it to (beneficiary) either formally by write up, or informally by secret information disclosure to beneficiary, be him/ her business partner, relation, kinsmen, friends or well wisher, therefore by virtue of the above stated, I seek consent to present you as the next of kin to my late client since the supposed next of kin also died along with him.
You should note that all the original documents that will be needed in a transaction of this nature ascertaining you as the debonaire beneficiary and next of kin to my late client will duel and legally be obtained and issued in your names and favor. I do not know you but I feel you will be human enough to be honest to me at least for bringing you into a deal capable of fetching something tangible.
I have done everything possible to trace the relatives of my late client without any luck, most of his properties here were vandalized by hoodlums and some over grown by weeds as there is no one to look after them. It was until the finance firm with the said deposit invited me to their office and mandated me as his attorney here in Togo to locate and present to them his next of kin for the release of his outstanding fund with them. It's upon this that I decided to contact you as bearing the same surname in order to assist me in putting claims to this fund for the release and transfer.
Therefore, in a situation of this kind, it's not published and the respective financial institution only informs the customer's attorney as the case may be and then only waits for the real heir to show up as the availability of such funds are expected to be in he late "customer's will " which would be the only source of knowledge of it by anybody who is entitle to such estate but the real heir was also involved in the accident.
If this fund is not claimed,it will be re-deposited into the treasury of the finance firm as unclaimed bill which be shared among the board of directors due to high level of corruption here and that will become history.
There is nothing to worry about as everything is legal with documentations,it is my duty to provide the next of kin and whosoever I approve as the next of kin will become the beneficiary and receive the fund.
The most important issue to be considered now is trust and confidence in this matter hence I plead this should be our watch word through out this transaction and I can fully assure you on my own part that as much as I work this with you,I will always remain the same.
Meanwhile, you have to Send me with your full details such as:
1. Full name  _____________________
2. Age  _______________________
3. Profession  _________________
4. Nationality   ______________________
5. Fax Number   ________________________
6. Home address _______________________
7. Marital status  ________________________
Hence I will proceed in submitting the same to the finance firm in presenting you as the sole next of kin to my late client for the subsequent release of the deposit to you in line with their routine process.
In pursuance of our collective objective, I will not fail to remind you that your maximum co-operation and sense of belonging are required as well to enhance a positive impact towards the conclusive end of this matter.

You can call me as soon as possible for further directives and guideline.
Very truly yours,
Wale Davis Esq