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Another Email Scam: from Mrs. DORRIS YAK

> Date: Wed, 1 Jan 2014 17:11:25 -0800
> From:
> Subject: RE: Dear Beloved Jesse, Happy new year; please this is the bank details,

> Dear beloved Jesse,
> Appreciation for your kind reply am given out this blind trust because the spirit of the lord has assure me that you are a nice person and l can see the future in you. Take me as your blood sister and the God of orphan will richly bless you. Since after the death of my parent’s life has not been easy for me as a woman you can imagine what l am passing through in this strange land now. The main problem facing me now is accommodation. Presently i am staying in a guesthouse and the manager want to send me out because of the little money that i own the hotel. l have beg them to give me more time so that i can be able to retrieve my inheritance from the Bank but they are refusing. l do not want the Bank management to know about my inheritance for my life security and that of my inheritance.
> It will be nice if you can facilitate the transfer so that once the Bank transfer the money to your bank account you will provide to them and you confirm the money. You can now send me enough money to enable me settle all this bills before coming back to country to settle down and further my education while you take care of the investment of part of the money for me. After reading your message as I wasn’t with the bank details I wait until after the New Year celebration, this morning i rush to the bank to pick up their information’s to be able to send it to you, so that you will contact the bank on yourself for more verification about this money. I have just informed the bank director about you, it let for you to officially reconfirm to the bank that you are the foreign business partner to late MR.JUSTIN YAK AROP so that they will know and remember you where the person i presented to them as the foreign business partner to my late father MR.JUSTIN
> and give you the directive on how the money will transfer into your account and commence the process, bank was requesting to me your passport with your residence country but since you haven’t send it to me i don’t have any answer than to submit their information’s to you so that you will contact them for more things they may require for this transfer.
> As i visited the bank i submitted the original copper of the entire peppers which the bank issued to my late father on the day of deposit to the bank so that you will be fully updated about this money to be transfer into your account when you contacted them. Please I am pleading to you keep everything about this money confidently and do not disclose to anybody about my coming to join you over to your country for security purpose. Do verify from the bank about the original peppers the below information are the bank details:
> Email: .
> Contact Person : DR. PATRICK COULIBALY,
> Director International operation /remittance department.
> Director Tel no: +225 49 247 790.
> Dear beloved, i have attached my picture/passport in this message with scan cooper of the entire peppers for your seen, do Contact the bank as my late father foreign business partner on your contacting them and update me in any of your discussion with the bank, i am still waiting for your picture to enable me know the God sent person whom is helping me, i wish to know you more about and get me inform after you contacted the bank today.
> Waiting to hear from you.
> May the peace of the lord be with you
> Yours Sister,
> Miss.Dorris.

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