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Email Scam: from Edward Kong

My Dear Friend & Confidant,
Thank you so much for your prompt reply to my mail. First let me state once again that I have been prompted to trust you and will depend on you to show me maximum trust, confidentiality and above all follow my instruction strictly. As you will understand the transaction is 100% success assured in as much as you follow my instructions, within a period of 15 banking days we will finish all the documentary aspect of this transaction and money transferred to your account. I will demand that you give me the privilege to handle the whole issue with my professional experience and position. What I need most is your sincere confidentiality, please assure me that you will keep it to the next person to you will not know about this transaction as we have to keep it highly confidential. You should know that I am working with the bank and a branch manager for that matter hence my position and this will be an opportunity for us to make success.
The basic requirement here is that as you will know I do not want to let my bank know I am behind the claim so all our communications will be restricted to email. I want to make something clear to you, the fact that I am the Vice President and the Manager of this branch does not guarantee the security of this transaction, whatever we are doing must be done under a very high level of confidentiality. We must pretend we do not know each other, you must never mention my name to any staff of my bank during and after this transaction. This is for our security and safety of this transaction. The issue of documentation will not be a problem; I will handle that as soon as we commence the transfer process. I reside 3211 Linden Pl, Flushing, Queens, NY 11354 and would want us to meet but our meeting will be under a very high surveillance to avoid being seen together until this is over. My bank has some secret security officers that monitor my movement as senior bank executive and I must play safe to avoid being interrogated. I am an Asian by birth but my mother is an American. I am ready for this deal to be accomplished and I wish so from you. My bank will approve this, since everything about this deposit is with me and the fund is in my branch.
As for what is expected from you in this transaction is to furnish the below details:
1. YOUR FULL NAMES ............................(As it appears in your Passport or Driver's License)
2. YOUR HOUSE OR OFFICE ADDRESS:.................................
3. YOUR DIRECT TELEPHONE................ (Where I can always reach you and also if the bank wants to reach you on phone)
On no account must you discuss this with anyone; whatever you want to ask me please do that by email and I will answer you immediately. The fund will be transferred through a more secured telegraphic wire transfer means with evidence proving the genuine source of the fund and you as the legitimate beneficiary of the fund and no government agency can stand against it. With my experience in financial matters, I will handle this. Please do not call me on my office telephone number because it will be unsecured to discuss this transaction in my office. Calling me on my office telephone number would mean a stop to this transaction. Below is my private direct telephone number as soon as you indicate your interest to do this with me and if you feel you cannot handle this with me, please state it clearly to me and never discuss it with anyone.
Please get back to me today with the above stated information so that I will be able to extract the deposit agreement and then make official application of the claim in your name and submit it to the board that meets once every week. As soon as I receive your assurance along with the information above, I will advice you on what next to do. For any question you may want to ask please send it to me by email, I am very ready to answer them. I am guaranteed that they will give the approval instantly as the money is in my branch. I do not want to write so much on the procedure so that you will not be confused but be informed you that it is simple and fast. I will be waiting to hear from you today, respond to me today if you can so we can proceed.
Edward Kong.
Phone#: 347-944-1381

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