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Scam by Bill Coleman and Jerry Harris

Dear sir,

I am emailing you from Zimbabwe, on your Internet Scam Forum i saw a post by someone stating that he had scamed by Bill Coleman and Jerry harris, I have copy and paste the post below;

"Dear Sir,

Regards to above said, herewith I would to shared with you on scam issued that I had gone
through. Its about on transaction of USD7.1 million to my account . The main actors
was  2 person name as Bill Coleman ( email address ) and
Jerry haris ( email address : )

The original owner of the fund was Jerry haris and Bill Coleman was appointed by Jerry as a finance consultant. Bill job was to look for so call investor who willing to take the fund on behalf of Jerry whereby the fund will be collected by the investor from the bank. As investor,he need to pay all the transaction fee or whatever expenses needed. To get this fund , it taken place at 2 places, first transaction taken place in Malaysia which I had paid USD18,000 but the transaction fail coz they as me to pay the insurance cost USD300,000
but I refuse to do that. Second transaction taken place in Dubai which I had paid USD18,000.00 and flight ticket/accomodation USD15,000.00. It also fail the reason was
there is not certificate of clearance. They call me to go for third transaction but I rejected because I noticed its a scam case."

I am a business broker based in Zimbabwe and i have my client a construction company  need funding for US$ 44 million, so i saw an advert for this guy Jerry Harris online and i submit my clients` application to him on this email on behalf of my clients and he approved the loan. 

He also said due high tax rates in UK , he moved the funds out of Uk to the financial institution in Malaysia. He said the financial institution is Noble Trust located in Uk but they do have office in Malaysia.

 He send me the contract agreement which i have attached in this email and also told me that i must sign and send it back to him after that, right now i am suppose to go to Malaysia to pay processing fee for that loan to be released.

I also noticed that this is a scam so if you need more information and you would like to trace this people i am more than willing to help because i hate scammers and time wasters. I think this guy should face charges for what he is doing. All i will do is to tell him to give me the directions of their fake offices in Malaysia and i will tell him that i want to pay the fee for my clients. And if he give me the address and other contact information i will then get back to you. You will use me to go there if you want only if you can provide is transport for me.

if you want to trace this guy i am aware to participate in this regard. 

Hoping to hear from you. Thank you very much for the work you are doing, be blessed.

Sincerely yours 

Munyaradzi Nyamurowa
First National Brokers
15501 Mabwe Road
Zengeza 5

Skype: firstnationalbrokers
phone: 00263 77 3238 270

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