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Possible Scam from Mary Jamal

hi,i believe am a target of the so called internet scam.i met this girl through a dating service her name mary jamal,i was interested in her becoz her location said lusaka,my home city so i contacted her through her email only to find that she is a refugee in Dakar senegal.that should have rang alarm bells,but becoz she was so beautiful i forgot about that.Thats how we started communicating,she told me about her unfortunate situation and how it happened,she also told me that her father left her a huge sum of money($ 4,750,000) but that she couldnt access it becoz she was under age(23yrs) she could only access it when she was she needed my help as her trustee,but that for me to have the money transferred i need to pay for the processing of the high court documents cost of which is amounting to $ 1,100,how can you help me verify that this is a scam or not? Please Help

1 comment:

Iowa Goat said...

Of course it's a scam. First, nobody would entrust their fortune to a complete stranger,in absolute no country does a person have to wait until they are 30 to be considered of legal age, and anybody who tells you that you have to pay a big "processing" fee in order to get the money is trying to fool you.